Beatrice Bee and Environment Bug

Beatrice Bee flew around Bed Tyne Tales Storyland. She saw a park below. She wanted to visit the park. It looked like a beautiful park. It had lush green trees and a little pond full of ducks and ducklings.

“It is such a nice summer day,” said Beatrice. “I think I will spend the day in the park.”

Beatrice landed on a picnic table in the park, close to the pond. There was a blue coloured bug at the other end of the picnic table. Beatrice had never seen a bug like that one.

“Hello,” said Beatrice. “My name is Beatrice Bee. What type of bug are you? I have never seen a bug like you.”

“I am Environment Bug,” said Environment Bug. “I am the only one there is.”

“It is nice to meet you,” said Beatrice.” What does an environment bug do?”

“It is nice to meet you as well,” said Environment Bug. “I look after the environment. I inform people about environmental issues and what can be done to keep the environment clean and safe.”

“What an important job you have,” said Beatrice. “I am so impressed.”

“Thank you,” said Environment Bug. “I have work to do, right now.”

“I won’t keep you,” said Beatrice. “I know you are busy.”

“Come with me,” said Environment Bug.

“Okay,” said Beatrice.

Beatrice followed Environment Bug as he flew around the park. They saw some children, who just threw their garbage onto the ground.

“Why did you just throw your garbage on the ground?” asked Environment Bug.

“We couldn’t find a garbage can,” said a young girl by the name of Crystal.

“There is one right behind that tree,” said Environment Bug.

All the children picked up their garbage and took it over to the garbage can.

“Thank you,” said Environment Bug. “You should always dispose of your garbage properly so we can keep this park and the environment in good shape. You do like playing in this park, don’t you?”

“Yes,” said Crystal. “We love this park.”

“What would you think if everyone just left their garbage on the ground?” asked Environment Bug.

“I wouldn’t like it,” said Crystal.

“I wouldn’t either,” said a young boy by the name of Curtis.

“Okay,” said Environment Bug.” So we are going to keep the environment clean.”

“Yes,” said all the children together.

“Good,” said Environment Bug. “That is what I like to hear.”

“Good job,” said Beatrice, after the children had left. “You really take your job seriously.”

“Thank you,” said Environment Bug. “And, yes I do take my job seriously. Our Earth is fragile and we have to do whatever we can to keep the environment clean.”

“I agree,” said Beatrice Bee. “As a bee, I know firsthand about how fragile the Earth is.”

“That is right,” said Environment Bug. “Bees are dying off.”

“If we all do even a little bit,” said Beatrice. “Maybe us bees can increase our numbers.”

“Exactly,” said Environment Bug.


Moral of this Story:

  • If we all do a little bit we can help our environment.
  • Example: Beatrice Bee watched as Environment Bug talked to some children, who threw their garbage onto the ground, about the environment.
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