Loud Garden Plays for the Sick Children

“Olive Onion,” said Christopher Corn, during band practise, one rainy summer day. “Are you okay? Your skin looks a little pale.”

“I am not sure,” said Olive. “I have a fever and my throat is sore.”

“How about we get Farmer Fred to take you to the hospital?” asked Christopher.

“That might be a good idea,” said Oliver Onion, Olive’s husband.

Christopher went up to the main house and asked Farmer Fred to take Olive to the hospital.

“Of course,” said Farmer Fred. “Come on, let’s get going.”

Farmer Fred took his truck over to the barn and picked up Olive. He drove her to the hospital.

“You have a mild case of the flu,” said the doctor examining Olive. “Just take some antibiotics and you will be fine.”

“Thank you doctor,” said Olive, taking the prescription the doctor handed her.

Olive walked out of the emergency department and went into the waiting room where Farmer Fred and Christopher were waiting. Christopher was talking to a group of children who were sick. They admired him.

“You know,” said Christopher on the way back to the farm. “It would be nice if we could do a benefit concert for the children at the hospital.”

“What a wonderful idea,” said Farmer Fred. “I will organize it.”

“I think it is a wonderful idea,” said Olive.

Farmer Fred arranged for a small benefit concert at the hospital once Olive was over the flu. The children loved it. Everyone of them had a smile on their face.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to give some of your time for the benefit of others.
  • Example: Christopher Corn thought it would be a good idea for Loud Garden to do a benefit concert for the sick children at the hostpial.
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