Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Today was the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017. It was a very rare event. It was quite fascinating to watch.

Here in Calgary, Alberta, it was a clear summer day. I sat outside and listened to “Black Hole Sun” by Chris Cornell, while waiting for the eclipse to happen.

The sun seemed to be super bright. I could not look at it at all. It instantly hurt the eyes. I did not see the moon at all. It might have been because of the brightness of the sun. I didn’t have
protective eyewear on so I couldn’t look up at the sky for very long at all.

I did notice at one point that a shadow seemed to fall across the back alley. It wasn’t a normal shadow. It seemed darker and it was quite large and it felt a little eerie at first.

As I saw the shadow, I felt a peace or calmness come over me. I thought that I was lucky to be alive to see it. I thought of those who weren’t alive to see it like my mother, all my grandparents and also Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. I felt sad for them and then another thought came to me, maybe they all could see the eclipse from heaven and maybe they were the reason I felt that calm feeling. Maybe it was their way of telling me everything is going to be okay.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t look up at the sun during a total eclipse.
  • Example: Looking up at the sun during a total eclipse can cause damage to your eyes.
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