Slippery Ice

It was a freezing cold winter day in Calgary, Alberta. Everyone was muttering under their breaths about just how cold it was. It seemed the only person outside enjoying himself was Mr. Iceman.

“This is perfect ice making weather,” said Mr. Iceman, opening his front door and heading outside.

Mr. Iceman was dressed in a black tank top with brightly coloured shorts. He thrived in the cold weather. He didn’t need to dress warm.

Without thinking, Mr. Iceman started making ice. He has the ability to make ice with his feet. The ice he makes just isn’t any ice, it is high quality ice.

Mr. Iceman made some ice down his laneway and when he got to the sidewalk he kept going.

“What are you doing?” Mr. Iceman heard his neighbour, Warren, screaming.

“Oh oh!” exclaimed Mr. Iceman, realizing what he had done.

Mr. Iceman turned to walk toward Warren but the ice he made was super slippery and he fell. Luckily he didn’t hurt himself. Warren walked over to him to try to help Mr. Iceman but he fell, too.

“Wow!” exclaimed Warren, picking himself up off the ice and almost falling again. ‘”This ice is very slippery. More so than your normal ice.”

“The colder the weather, the more slipperier the ice is that I make,” said Mr. Iceman, finally able to stand up.

“I really hope it doesn’t get any colder than this,” said Warren.

Mr. Iceman and Warren stood on the sidewalk talking. Out of the corner of his eye, they saw Anna, an elderly neighbour of theirs walking toward them. She was just about to step on the icy section of the sidewalk.

Both Mr. Iceman and Warren got to her and helped her before she stepped onto it.

“Thank you gentlemen,” said Anna. “I didn’t realize the ice was there.”

Mr. Iceman immediately grabbed a few pails of sand that was mixed with salt and sanded the sidewalk and his laneway.

“That is why you shouldn’t be making ice on the sidewalk,” scolded Warren,” Especially that slippery ice.”

Mr. Iceman felt bad and he was grateful nobody was hurt. He knew Warren was right and he knew he needed to pay attention to what he was doing when he was making ice.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is important to stay safe when there is ice on the sidewalk.
  • Example: Mr. Iceman and his neighbor, Warren helped Anna, their elderly neighbor before she fell on the slippery ice.

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