Mr. Winter and a Sunny Winter Day

Mr. Winter woke up early. It was a very cold winter day. He smiled as he curled up back into his bed, under his warm layer of blankets. See, Mr. Winter was only happy when it was cold and nasty outside. He suffered from a broken heart when his fiancée left him and married someone else. He had been miserable ever since. However, he did find out that he was in control of winter weather. He was after all, Mr. Winter and he used that to his advantage. He would keep the thermostat turned down as much as possible and he would order in tons and tons of ice and

While Mr. Winter was laying in bed, he kept seeing the sun trying to poke its way through the clouds, through his bedroom window. His bedroom became brighter and brighter and his mood became darker and darker.

“This is too much,” yelled Mr. Winter. “It is way too bright in here.”

Mr. Winter stepped outside and he gathered up some clouds. He pushed them over to where the sun was and pretty soon it was dull and dreary again, just the way Mr. Winter liked it. Pretty soon, Mr. Winter was sound asleep in his bed. He was happy and content. He knew that when he was happy, nobody else was and he loved the fact that he could cause misery to others.

The next morning, Mr. Winter woke up and there were people on his doorstep begging him to turn up the thermostat. He refused until he saw a beautiful red-headed young woman at the back of the crowd. Mr. Winter felt his icy cold heart starting to melt. Could it be that he was falling in love once again?

Mr. Winter let the sun shine that day and everyone was very happy, including Mr. Winter, which was a very rare but delightful sight to see.

Moral of this Story:

    • It is okay to love again.
    • Example: Mr. Winter had his heart broken when his fiancée married someone else. However, he saw a red-headed beauty and fell in love again.
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