Little Crow and the Christmas Tree

“Little Crow,” called Little Crow’s cousin, Jake.” Grandmother wants us to decorate the Christmas tree. Did you get the box of decorations yet?”

“Jake!” called Grandmother, angrily. “I told you that you were going to get the box of decorations.”

“But Grandmother,” said Jake.” My job is to put the angel on the tree. Little Crow is to get the box of decorations.”

“And you know why we changed that around,” said Grandmother. “Now, go get the decorations.”

Jake did as he was told. He didn’t want to get into any more trouble with Grandmother than he already was. Grandmother had gotten fed up with Jake always teasing his smaller cousin, Little Crow. No matter what she said or did, Jake would not stop. Grandmother thought that maybe, just maybe, if she took away the one thing that Jake enjoyed the most, that the teasing would stop. She took away Jake’s privilege of putting the angel on top of the tree and gave that privilege to Little Crow instead.

Jake, reluctantly, got the box of decorations and brought them to Grandmother. He helped Grandmother string the lights on the tree and hang the decorations. The only thing left was the angel.

Little Crow took the angel out of the box very carefully. He flew up to the top of the tree and ever so gently set the angel on the tallest point. He then quickly tied the angel to the branch without Jake noticing.

“Very good,” said Grandmother. “You did wonderful.”

“No,” said Jake.” He did horrible. The angel is going to fall off.”

“It is not going to fall off,” said Grandmother. “Little Crow has done a superb job.”

“The first strong wind is going & knock it off,” said Jake.

Jake flew up to the top of the tree and he purposely bumped into the angel. However, to his surprise and dismay, the angel did not move at all. He bumped into it again and again and same thing. It stayed put.

“Good thing I tied the angel to the top of the tree,” laughed Little Crow.

“Yes,” laughed Grandmother. “It is. Looks like we gave Jake a taste of his own medicine.”

Moral of this Story:

    • It is not nice to tease.
    • Example: Jake kept teasing Little Crow so Grandmother took away the privilege of putting the angel on top of the Christmas tree.
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