Rat Boy and Christmas Dinner

It was Christmas morning and Rat Boy, his baby sister, Cecilia, were waiting patiently for their parents to wake up.

“Children,” said Mother, coming down the stairs. “Your dad got called into work last night and I have to go to work today. My replacement called in sick. I am sorry. We wanted to spend the day with you two.”

“It is okay,” said Bart Boy. “I will take care of Cecilia.”

“Don’t worry about dinner,” said Mother. “We will figure something out when I get home.”

“We will be fine,” said Rat Boy. “Don’ t worry about us.”

“Daddy should be home from work around noon,” said Mother, getting ready to leave.

“He will need to sleep for a few hours,” said Rat Boy.

“Yes,” said Mother. “He will. We will open our gifts tonight when I get home from work. Is that okay?”

“Yes that will be fine,” said Rat Boy.

“Not a very good Christmas,” said Mother.

“As long as we are together as a family,” said Rat Boy. “That is good enough for Cecilia and I.”

Rat Boy’s father had been missing for a few years. He had just been reunited with his family a few months ago. This was to be their first Christmas together.

Once Mother had left for work, Rat Boy and Cecilia cleaned up the house.

“Let’s make Christmas dinner for Mother and Father,” said Rat Boy.

Rat Boy looked into the refrigerator and Cecilia checked the cupboards. Together they found enough morsels to come up with a very tasty Christmas dinner. They surprised their parents who were very tired but very grateful to their

“Merry Christmas,” said Rat Boy.

“Merry Christmas,” said Cecilia.

“You two rat children are amazing,” said Mother, giving them both a big kiss. “Merry Christmas!”

“Yes,” agreed Father. “They sure are! This is the best Christmas ever!”

Moral of this Story:

    • Do something nice for your parents.
    • Example: Rat Boy and Cecilia made Christmas dinner for their parents who had to work Christmas Day.
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