Mr. Iceman and the Iciest Christmas Ever

It was Christmas Day and Mr. Iceman was walking through the streets of Calgary, Alberta. It was cold with lots of snow but there was absolutely no ice to be seen anywhere at all.

“Look at this city,” said Mr. Iceman to himself as he looked around. “I need there to be ice.”

Mr. Iceman saw a group of children walking along. Each child had a brand new pair of ice skates hanging over their shoulders.

“Funny how we all got brand new skates for Christmas,” said Sarah, one of the children.

“Yes,” said Harold, another one of the children. “We all have skates now but we have no ice to skate on.”

“No ice to skate on,” repeated Mr. Iceman, overhearing their conversation. “I can fix that.”

“How?” asked Sarah. “How are you going to fix that?”

“I am Mr. Iceman,” explained Mr. Iceman. “I can make ice and not just any ice. I can make the iciest ice there ever was.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Harold.

Mr. Iceman walked along with the children. He came to a level area of ground. He motioned for the children to stand on the sidewalk while he first walked in a straight line for about 50 yards. Then he turned right and walked about 100 yards in a straight line. As he walked, his feet produced the iciest ice the children had ever seen.

Soon, Mr. Iceman had a 50 by 100 yard area of ground covered in ice. The children were in awe as they watched.

“Let’s see you skate,” said Mr. Iceman.

The children put on their skates and soon they were skating to their hearts content.

“Thank you so much,” said Harold.

“This is the best ice ever,” said Sarah. “Thank you!”

“Merry Christmas children,” said Mr. Iceman.

“Merry Christmas to you,” waved the children.

Moral of this Story:

  • Ice can be fun.
  • Example: The children loved the ice that Mr. Iceman created for them.
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