Bad Teeth Bradley and Candy Canes

“Please go to the mall,” said Bad Teeth Bradley’s mother. “We need some candy canes for our Christmas tree. Today is free candy cane day.”

Bad Teeth Bradley went to the mall. He was handed a candy cane as soon as he walked in the mall entrance. He looked at it and he had the worst craving for a candy cane that he had ever had.

“One candy cane can’t hurt me,” said Bad Teeth Bradley to himself.

Bad Teeth Bradley unwrapped the candy cane and he could smell it. The minty smell was driving him crazy. He put the candy cane to his tongue and all his taste buds came alive. He took a big bite and then another and another. Soon, that candy cane was gone.

Bad Teeth Bradley walked through the mall and he was given ten candy canes all in total. He knew he was supposed to take them home so his mother could hang them on the Christmas tree but they smelled so good that he ate every single one of them.

As he got to the mall exit, he was given another one. Of course, Bad Teeth Bradley ate it too.

“Bad Teeth Bradley,” said a voice Bad Teeth Bradley recognized immediately as his dentist, Dr. Stevens. “I saw you eating that candy cane. You know what that means.”

“Yes,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

Dr. Stevens took Bad Teeth Bradley to his office.

“How many candy canes did you eat?” asked Dr. Stevens.

Bad Teeth Bradley pulled out the candy cane wrappers that he had stuffed in his pocket and counted them.

“Eleven,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

“That is way too many,” said Dr. Stevens.

Dr. Stevens examined Bad Teeth Bradley’s teeth. He found he had a new cavity and his teeth needed a cleaning. He filled in the cavity, did the cleaning and handed Bad Teeth Bradley a printed form, with his next one hundred dentist appointments on it.

“Merry Christmas,” said Dr. Stevens.

“Merry Christmas,” said Bad Teeth Bradley.

Dr. Stevens handed Bad Teeth Bradley a box of candy canes, as he left his office. Bad Teeth Bradley looked confused.

“These are sugar free ones,” said Dr. Stevens.

Bad Teeth Bradley took them home for his mother to hang on the Christmas tree.

Moral of this Story:

    • Don’t eat too many candy canes.
    • Example: Bad Teeth Bradley ate eleven candy canes while he was at the mall.
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