Christmas Comes to the Mountains

“I don’t know if Santa is going to make it here this year,” said Mountain Kid to himself as he looked out the window. “That is a lot of snow.”

Mountain Kid lived in the mountains in British Columbia, Canada. He was used to snow in the mountains, especially at Christmas but this year, it had been snowing hard for the last few days and there was a lot of snow out there.

“Luckily I have everything I need for Christmas,” said Mountain Kid. “I don’t need to go anywhere.”

It was starting to get cold in the cabin, so Mountain Kid went out to the shed and brought in some firewood. Then he went out the back of the cabin and brought in the Christmas tree he had cut down the day before. Once he had a nice fire going in the fireplace, he set up the Christmas tree. He then turned on the radio and listened to Christmas carols.

“Santa Claus is right on time,” said the radio announcer.

“I guess nothing stops Santa,” said Mountain Kid. “I’d better get his snack ready and get to bed early.”

Mountain Kid set out some cookies, a large glass of milk and some carrots for the reindeer. He hung his stocking and went to bed.

Christmas morning came and Mountain Kid was up early. He saw Santa had been there. There were a few cookie crumbs on the plate, the glass of milk was empty and the carrots were gone. Mountain Kid saw a lot of gifts under the tree and his stocking was full.

“I don’t know how Santa does it,” said Mountain Kid, amazed. “He hasn’t missed a Christmas yet. Merry Christmas!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always have faith in Santa Claus.
  • Example: Santa Claus makes it to Mountain Kid’s cabin even though there is a ton of snow.

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