Mr. Winter In and Out of Love

“Doesn’t Mr. Winter know that Victoria is only going out with him because he controls the winter weather,” Mr. Winter overheard someone say.

“Is that true?” asked Mr. Winter to himself. “Is that the only reason she agreed to go out with me? She did ask me to make sure I had the temperature turned up.”

Mr. Winter was very disappointed. He had fallen in love with Victoria and he really thought he had a chance with her.

“That’s it!” cried Mr. Winter. “I am done with love. Never again!”

Mr. Winter did not have much luck when it came to the love department. His first love, Penelope, married someone else and when that happened, his heart turned to ice. He found out that he could not only control the winter temperatures but that he actually was winter. When he was in a bad mood, everyone suffered because he made the winter weather unbearable for all.

That evening, Mr. Winter did not go out with Victoria. Instead, he turned the thermometer down and he pushed some snow clouds together, which created a huge snow storm. About an hour after he was supposed to meet Victoria for dinner, Mr. Winter heard someone knocking at his door. To his surprise, it was Victoria.

“You stood me up,” said Victoria. “What is going on?”

“I didn’t really think you actually wanted to go out with me,” said Mr. Winter. “I thought you were just using me because I control the winter weather.”

“No,” said Victoria. “Where did you get an idea like that? Oh wait. I did say I would go out with you if the temperature was warmer. You have to know that I was joking. I really wanted to go out with you because you seem like an interesting man.”

“I am sorry,” said Mr. Winter, feeling his heart starting to melt. “I jumped to the wrong conclusion. Would you like to go for a pizza?”

“Yes,” said Victoria, as Mr. Winter turned the temperature up. “I would love that.”

“Me too,” said Mr. Winter. “Let’s go.”

Moral of this Story:

    • Don’t jump to conclusions so quickly.
    • Example: Mr. Winter jumped to the wrong conclusion about Victoria. He thought she just wanted to go out with him because he controls winter.
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