A Sloppy Winter Day

“I am so happy today,” said Mr. Winter, as he was putting on his best new shirt. “It will be nice to have lunch out with Victoria.”

Victoria is Mr. Winter’s girlfriend. He had been so busy with the coming of winter that he and Victoria have hardly had anytime to spend with one another. Mr. Winter realized he missed her very much.

Mr. Winter decided he would walk to the restaurant. It was a bit chilly, so he stopped at the winter thermometer and he raised the temperature up, quite a bit.

Mr. Winter is in charge of the winter weather in Storyland. When he was in a good mood, he would raise up the temperature. However, when he was in a bad mood, he would lower the temperature.

When Mr. Winter arrived at the restaurant, he saw Victoria in the far corner. She didn’t see him so, he started walking toward her. About half-way there, he noticed something he didn’t like. He noticed Victoria was talking to another man.

“Oh dear!” cried Mr. Winters, turning to leave the restaurant. “Who is she talking to? Is she seeing someone else?”

The more Mr. Winter thought about what he had just seen, the angrier he became. He left the restaurant and with a broken heart, he went over to the winter thermometer and turned it down.

The snow on the ground was already melting from when he turned it to up just before he went into the restaurant. When he turned it back down a few minutes ago, everything started to freeze over.

“Maybe I am just being silly,” said Mr. Winter, a few minutes later. “Victoria wouldn’t cheat on me. She is the sweetest woman I know.”

Mr. Winter turned the thermometer way up. He knew Victoria wouldn’t hurt him. He decided he would go back to the restaurant. However, once he got there, Victoria was nowhere to be found.

Puzzled, angry and confused, Mr. Winter went back to the thermometer and turned it back down.

“Where have you been?” he heard a familiar voice ask. “I was waiting at the restaurant for over an hour and then when you didn’t show up, I came looking for you.”

“I was at the restaurant,” explained Mr. Winter to Victoria. “I left because I saw you talking to someone.”

“That someone is my new boss,” said Victoria. “He just got into town so, I was giving him an update on the new client we just secured.”

Mr. Winter felt horrible. He knew Victoria wouldn’t cheat on him.

“I’m sorry,” apologized Mr. Winter.

“Let’s see if we can salvage our lunch date,” said Victoria. “By the way, what is going on with the weather today? It has been going up and down like crazy. Now, it is pretty sloppy out.”

“My anger got to the best of me,” said Mr. Winter, setting the thermometer to a decent temperature.

“You have nothing to worry about,” said Victoria.

“Let’s forget all about everything,” said Mr. Winter, taking Victoria’s hand. “Let’s get to the restaurant before they give our table away.”

“Yes let’s,” said Victoria.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not a good idea to jump to conclusions.
  • Example: Mr. Winter saw his girlfriend talking to someone else and he immediately thought she was seeing someone else.

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