Rat Boy’s Father Comes Home in Time for Father’s Day

“Mother,” said Rat Boy. “This weekend is Father’s Day. Some of my friends and their dad’s are having a father and son baseball game. I wish I knew where father was.”

“I wish this day would have waited for a few years,” said Mother. “However, I think you are old enough to learn about who your father is.”

Rat Boy’s mother explained to him that one night, shortly after Cecilia was born, Father never made it home from work. Mother believed that something happened to him and that he didn’t just abandon them. He loved his children very much.

“Did you search for him?” asked Rat Boy.

“I haven’t stopped searching,” said Mother. “Every single day I hope that he comes walking through that door.”

Rat Boy could see tears in Mother’s eyes. He didn’t like to see her upset.

“I am sorry Mother,” said Rat Boy. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“It is okay,” said Mother. “I actually feel better talking about him.”

“Did you love him?” asked Rat Boy.

“I still do,” said Mother.

“What was he like?” asked Rat Boy.

“He was the kindest, most loving rat there ever was,” said Mother. “He went to work every day at the cheese factory. He provided us with everything we ever needed and then some.”

“It sounds like we were a very happy family,” said Rat Boy.

Oh that we were,” said Mother. “I can remember other rat families being jealous as to how happy we were.”

“I hope he comes home,” said Rat Boy.

“I do too,” said Mother.

Rat Boy helped Mother set the table for dinner. After dinner, there was a knock at the door. It was their neighbour, Rat Jones. Apparently Rat Jones received some of their mail by mistake.

“Thank you, “Rat Jones,” said Mother, when he handed her several letters.

“There is one piece of mail that looks very important,” said Rat Jones, waving goodbye.

“It is from a hospital down south of us,” said Mother, tearing the envelope open as quickly as she could. “This does look important.”

Rat Boy saw his mother’s expression on her face change to pure joy as she read the letter.

“Mother,” said Rat Boy, curiously. “What is going on?”

“I don’t believe it,” said Mother. “They found your father. He has been in a coma all these years. He is coming home!”

“This is wonderful,” said Rat Boy. “Cecilia and I are going to finally get our father back!”

The Rat Family were so grateful that Father was coming home. They stayed up that whole night, cleaning up their tiny little house. It was sparkling clean when they were done.

Mother made a big batch of macaroni and cheese, making sure she added lots of extra cheese, just the way she knew Father liked it.

The next morning a cab pulled up in front of their house. A tall, handsome rat walked up the walkway.

“Father!” cried Rat Boy and Cecilia.

“You must be Rat Boy and Cecilia,” said Father, giving them a big hug. “Oh, how I have missed the two of you. I can’t believe how beautiful the two of you are.”

“You are just as handsome now as you were the last day I saw you,” cried Mother, giving Father a big hug.”

“And you are just as beautiful as I remember you,” said Father, taking a good long look at Mother. “I have missed you all so much!”

Father told his family how he was on his way home from work one night. It was storming out and he ended up getting lost. A big tree fell down right on top of him. He was hurt very badly. A hunter had come across him and taken him to the hospital.

He was in a coma for a few years and when he did wake up, he had amnesia. He had no idea who he was or where he lived. It was only about a week ago that he started remembering things.

“We are so glad you are back home where you belong,” said Mother. “We have missed you so much.”

“You are home just in time for Father’s Day,” said Rat Boy.

“Rat Boy,” said Mother. “Don’t you have something to ask Father?”

“Actually,” said Rat Boy. “I think we should spend Father’s Day with just us. I don’t want to share him with anyone else just quite yet.”

“Wonderful idea,” said Mother. “I feel the same way!”


Moral of this Story:

  • We should hold our loved ones dearly.
  • Example: Rat Boy and Cecilia’s Father had been missing for years. He finally came home just in time for Father’s Day.
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