Racum Raccoon and the Father’s Day Picnic

“What are you doing?” Racum Raccoon asked his mother.

“I am packing us our lunch,” said Mother. “We are taking your father on a picnic today for Father’s Day”.

“I love picnics,” said Racum, happily. “Father is going to love it.”

“What will I love?” asked Father, coming into the kitchen.

“We are going to go on a picnic today for Father’s Day,” said Mother.

“A picnic,” said Father, excitedly. “That sounds like fun.”

“It is a Father’s Day picnic,” said Racum. “Happy Father’s Day!”

“Thank you,” said Father. “Let’s help Mother pack up.”

Racum and Father helped Mother pack up. They walked to their favourite lake, which was just up the road from where they lived.

“It is so peaceful here,” said Father, enjoying himself immensely. “Come Racum. I will show you how to play fetch.”

Father took his old baseball glove and gave it to Racum. He tossed the ball lightly toward Racum and was amazed when Racum caught it on his first try.

“Good catch,” said Father.

Racum and Father played catch until Mother told them lunch was ready.

The Raccoon Family had a wonderful lunch together. Mother made all of Father’s favourites. She made fried chicken, deviled eggs and a huge chocolate cake for dessert.

“Thank you for the wonderful Father’s Day,” said Father after their picnic.

“You are welcome,” said Mother.

Mother and Racum gave Father a big hug and kiss.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to spend time with Father on Father’s Day.
  • Example: Mother and Racum Raccoon took Father on a picnic to celebrate Father’s Day.

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