“You know something,” said Sparky. “I’m glad we live here in this house with Mommy and Daddy.”

“Don’t forget about Ricky and Jenny?” said Baby.

“I won’t,” said Sparky.

“Yes,” said Baby. “We are lucky cats, that is for sure.”

“We always have fresh food and fresh water,” said Sparky.

“Yes,” said Baby. “And a nice warm place to sleep.”

“And,” said Sparky. “Full run of the house to do whatever we want.”

“Yeah,” said Baby. “With no dog to bother us.”

“That’s the best part!” exclaimed Sparky.

“Sparky! Baby!” Mommy called excitedly. “Come here! We have a surprise for you”

Sparky and Baby came running just as fast as they could but stopped dead in their tracks at what they saw at the front door.

There, with Mommy, was a one and a half year old German Sheppard dog.

“Sparky and Baby,” said Mommy. “Meet Buddy.”

Sparky looked at Mommy and then at Buddy and then she took off down the hallway as fast as she could go. Sparky scared Buddy and Buddy chased Sparky down into the basement. Because Buddy is a big dog, he made a lot of noise and it really frightened Sparky.

“Buddy!” called Mommy and Daddy at the top of the basement stairs. “Come on Buddy!”

Buddy ran back up the stairs. As soon as he was out of the way, Baby, who just sat in fear through that whole incident, ran down the stairs to be with Sparky.

“Sparky,” whispered Baby. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” said Sparky. “I am. You’re not afraid of that big dog, are you?”

“Kind of,” said Baby. “He is awfully big.”

“Yes,” said Sparky. “He sure is big.”

“Are you afraid of him?” Baby asked Sparky.

“Well,” said Sparky. “Maybe a little bit. After all, he is a big dog.”

“Yes,” agreed Baby. “Buddy is a big dog.”

Baby and Sparky stayed hidden for a few days. A couple of times Buddy did find them and then chased them around a bit, but all that changed when Baby and Sparky overheard Mommy and Daddy one night.

“Buddy is such a good dog,” said Mommy.

“Yes,” said Daddy. “He is. However, he happens to be afraid of everything, especially two cats.”

“Well,” said Sparky. “Here we were thinking Buddy was going to eat us and now we find out he is actually afraid of us.”

“Yeah,” said Baby. “There is one slight problem. Buddy has huge teeth.”

“Yes,” said Sparky. “He sure does!”

“You want to know something though,” said Baby. “It really doesn’t matter how big his teeth are. Buddy is a part of the family now and we’ve got to get used to him.”

“Okay,” said Sparky. “You go first.”

“Okay,” said Baby. “I will.”

Sparky watched as Baby went up the basement stairs and poked her head around the doorway.

“Do you see him?” asked Sparky anxiously.

“Yeah I do,” said Baby. “He’s eating.”

Baby went over to where Buddy was standing.

“Hi Buddy,” said Baby, quite boldly. “Sparky and I just want you to know that we live in this house too ant we aren’t afraid of you.”

Buddy sat with his head cocked sideways, staring down at Baby, not knowing what to say or do. Sparky came up from the basement and Buddy never flinched. From then on, the three animals lived happily ever after.



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