Troll Baby’s Favourite CD

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(unfortunately, is no longer in existence)

“Troll Baby!” exclaimed Troll Sister, grabbing her computer mouse out of Troll Baby’s hand.  “No, you can’t play with my troll Computer. I have to do my homework.”

Troll Baby sat down on the floor of Troll Sister’s bedroom and started to cry.

“What is going on here?” asked Troll Mother, who was walking down the hallway. “Why are you crying Troll Baby?”

Troll Mother bent down to pick Troll Baby up from the floor. He was kicking and screaming.

“Troll computer!” he screamed.

“He wants to play with my troll computer,” said Troll Sister. “I have to do my homework or Troll teacher won’t be impressed.”

“I know,” said Troll Mother. “Ever since we bought the Preschooler 2002 CD from, that is all Troll Baby wants to do is play on the computer.”

“Troll Brother and I need our computers for school,” said Troll Sister. “Troll Baby needs his own computer.”

“What a great idea!” exclaimed Troll Mother. “That would solve a lot of problems.”

“Yes,” said Troll Sister. “It sure would.”

“They are so expensive,” said Troll Mother. “Maybe we can get him one for Christmas.”

“That would be alright,” said Troll Sister.

“It’s funny how Troll Baby likes that CD though,” said Troll Mother.

“It’s no wonder that he likes it,” said Troll Sister. “It is packed with all kinds of games and activities for him. I think his favourite game is the cyber pet one. He laughs and giggles so hard when he sees that one.”

“That is true!” laughed Troll Mother. “He does like that one very much!”

“He also likes the game where the baby cries and cries and cries,” said Troll Sister. “One day, he turned my speakers way up and I heard this baby crying and I thought that Troll Baby had hurt himself and here it was just that game that he was playing.”

“Well,” said Troll Mother. “I sure wish that Troll Baby could have his own computer.”

That evening Troll Father was a bit late getting home and when he did come home, he had a big surprise for the Troll family.

“Our company bought all new computers for their office,” said Troll Daddy. “They were giving the old ones away and so I got a couple of them. One is almost brand new but it doesn’t have a network card in it and the others are old, but I’m sure if we upgraded them we could do something with them.”

“Troll computer!” yelled Troll Baby.

“Well,” said Troll Mother, laughing. “These computers couldn’t have come at a better time! Troll Baby is just crazy about computers now. He really needs his own computer.”

“Yes,” said Troll Sister. “Troll Baby just loves that new CD that Troll Mother got him.”

“Oh,” said Troll Daddy. “You mean the Preschooler 2002 CD?”

“Yes,” said Troll Mother. “He plays with it all the time. There is so much for him to do with it. That is why he needs his own computer.”

“Great!” said Troll Daddy. “Well, we’ll take the newest one and give it to Troll Baby.”

Troll Baby gave Troll Daddy a big kiss and hug.

“Thank you,” he said to Troll Daddy. “Troll Baby have Troll computer now!”

Troll Daddy setup the computer that evening for Troll Baby and Troll Baby got a lot of enjoyment out it and his new CD. He was a very happy little Troll Baby.

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