Autumn Elf and the Falling Autumn Leaves

“Have you looked out the window this morning?” asked Stella, Autumn Elf’s younger sister.

“I did earlier,” said Autumn Elf.

“I think you better take another look,” said Stella, not believing what she was looking at. “There is something strange going on.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Autumn Elf, seeing what Stella was looking at. “What is going on?”

There were autumn leaves falling from the sky. They were falling everywhere and there appeared to be no end in sight.

“It doesn’t look like they are going to stop,” said Stella.

“Stella,” said Autumn Elf, sternly. “I am going to find out what is going on. You stay here. I want you to close all the windows in the house and I want you to keep the doors closed.”

Autumn Elf stepped outside and within a few seconds he was standing ankle deep in autumn leaves.

“Oh dear!” thought Autumn Elf to himself. “I was afraid this day would come.”

Autumn Elf knew what was happening. The leaves were falling because of all the lies that people have been telling. The lies had to stop.

Autumn Elf gathered the townspeople together and he told them what was happening.

“The leaves are clogging the manholes,” said Frankton, an elderly elf. “This is not a good sign. We have to stop our lies, just like Autumn Elf said. Once the lies stop, the leaves will stop falling.”

“Just to prove my point,” said Autumn Elf. “I want to say I am sorry to my sister, Stella. I told her I didn’t eat the last piece of apple pie. That was a lie. I did eat it.”

“I accept your apology,” said Stella. “While we are being honest, I lied too. I did take the coin that was on your night stand. I spent it on candy. I am sorry.”

One by one, the townspeople told the truth and miraculously, the leaves stopped falling. The townspeople all pitched in and helped each other clean up the leaves.

“I feel better about myself after telling the truth,” said Autumn Elf.

“I do too,” said Stella.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to be honest.
  • Example: Autumn Elf and his sister, Stella, both told the truth.
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