Runner Rabbit and the Groundhog Hole

“I am going to search for a new home today,” thought Runner Rabbit to himself. “That way I can run away from my bills and keep all my money to myself.”

It was a nice winter day. Runner Rabbit walked across the road and just as he stepped into the forest, he noticed a man with a briefcase walking up the driveway to his house. Runner hid behind a large rock because he recognized the man as being a bill collector. Runner stayed put until he saw the man leave.

Walking through the forest, Runner saw a good-sized hole. It looked like the hole was well-kept and clean. Runner was just about going to move in when he saw a groundhog poke his head out. Just as the groundhog came out, something spooked him and he ran back into the hole.

“I can’t live in that hole,” said Runner. “I wonder what spooked that groundhog. It is almost like it is Groundhog Day.”

Runner came across another hole and just like the last one, a groundhog came out of the hole, was spooked and then ran back into the hole as fast as he could.

Runner sat and thought for a minute. He realized that it was Groundhog Day.

“Oh dear!” cried Runner. “I’ve seen two groundhogs and both of them saw their shadows. That means there is going to be six more weeks of winter.”

Runner decided that he would go home and pay his bills. He didn’t want to be stuck without a home in the middle of winter.

Runner knew he made the right decision because for the next few weeks it was very cold and very stormy.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always pay your bills.
  • Example: Runner Rabbit wanted to move so he could get away from paying his bills until he saw two groundhogs who both saw their shadows. He knew there would be six more weeks of winter.

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