Beatrice Bee Meets Batty

Beatrice Bee was flying around Storyland. It was a cold and damp, rainy day.

“I need to get out of the weather,” said Beatrice.

Beatrice saw the opening of a cave ahead. She thought it would be a good place to rest and dry off.

“Why are you in my cave?” someone screamed.

Beatrice was scared.

“This is my cave,” said the voice she heard earlier.

At first, Beatrice didn’t know where the voice was coming from. Then she saw a shadow on the floor of the cave. Beatrice looked up and saw a bat hanging from the ceiling.

“I am sorry,” said Beatrice, frightened. “All I wanted to do was get out of the rain. I didn’t know this cave belonged to anyone.”

“It is okay,” said Batty. “I am not a bat to be afraid of.”

“Oh,” said Beatrice. “That is good. My name is Beatrice Bee.”

“My name is Batty,” said the bat. “Are you going to sting me?”

“No,” said Beatrice. “I don’t sting friends.”

“Oh,” said Batty. “That is good. I don’t have a lot of friends.”

“How come?” asked Beatrice.

“Nobody likes bats,” said Batty. “They see a bat and are automatically afraid of them.”

“I sort of did the same thing,” said Beatrice. “I was afraid of you at first.”

“I have to admit that I was afraid of you at first too,” said Batty.

“I am just glad we don’t have to be afraid of each other,” said Beatrice.

“Me either,” said Batty.


Moral of this Story:

  • You don’t need to be afraid of bats.
  • Example: Beatrice Bee was afraid of Batty when she first met him. Batty knows that everyone is afraid of bats but doesn’t understand why.
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