Jayden’s Summer Flowers

“You have such beautiful flowers in your garden,” said Mrs. Smith, Jayden’s neighbour.

“Thank you,” said Jayden, who was outside weeding her garden on a warm summer evening.

Jayden had several bright orange tiger lilies. She had purple peonies and bright red azaleas growing.

“I see you outside quite often,” said Mrs. Smith.

“I try to spend as much time outside as I can,” said Jayden.

“It has been a very rainy summer,” said Mrs. Smith. “I am glad it has warmed up this week.”

Yes,” said Jayden. “Me too.”

Mrs. Smith went inside of her house. All of a sudden, she felt ill. She decided she should go home.

“I hope Mrs. Smith is okay,” said Jayden. ‘ ‘It isn’t like her to not come outside.”

“Mrs. Smith was taken to the hospital,” said Jayden’s other neighbour, Bill.

“Oh dear,” said Jayden.

Jayden picked some of the peonies and azalea’s and then she went to the hospital to see Mrs. Smith. She handed the flowers she picked to Mrs. Smith.

“They are beautiful,” said Mrs. Smith. “Thank you so much.”

Mrs. Smith got better quickly and then she spent some time in her garden, admiring the flowers that were growing in it. Jayden helped Mrs. Smith with her garden most of that summer. It turned out to be a beautiful garden and Mrs. Smith was very proud of it.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always take the time to help others.
  • Example: Mrs. Smith loved Jayden’s flowers. She became sick and ended up in the hospital. Jayden helped her with her garden when she came home.


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