“H” is for Honey

Beatrice Bee flew around Storyland. It was cool outside but that was to be expected, seeing as it was near the end of summer.

“Are you a honey bee?” a young girl asked. “H is for honey.”

The young girl was Alphabet Allie. She was wearing a t-shirt that had letters of the alphabet on it.

“Yes,” said Beatrice. “I am a honeybee, a very healthy one at that. My name is Beatrice Bee. ‘H’ is for healthy.”

“Come quick,” said Alphabet Allie. “My friend, Harold, needs your help. ‘H’ is for help. My name is Alphabet Allie.”

“What does he need help with?” asked Beatrice. ‘H’ is for he.”

“Harold needs help with his heart,” said Beatrice. “‘H’ is for his and also for heart.”

Beatrice went to Harold’s home with Alphabet Allie.

“‘H’ is for home,” said Alphabet Allie.

“What is wrong with your heart?” Beatrice asked Harold.

“I think it is broken,” said Harold. “I have a huge hole in it. ‘H’ is for huge and also for hole.”

“I will bring you some honey,” said Beatrice. “Do you think honey will fix it?”

“Yes,” said Harold. “It will. I also need Henrietta to come back to me. We got into a heated argument. ‘H’ is for heated”.

“Honey should mend both your hearts,” said Alphabet Allie.

“I hope so,” said Harold. “‘H’ is for hope.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Honey will fix a lot of ailments.
  • Example: Harold and Henrietta broke up and Harold is hoping honey will fix things.
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