Travelin’ Rick Visits Adams Lake, BC

PHOTO CREDIT – Courtesy of Darren Schmidt. Thank you, Darren for letting me use this photo.

Travelin’ Rick needed to get away for a few days. His favourite province to visit is British Columbia, Canada. Travelin’ Rick loves the mountains, the fresh air and the wildlife that BC has to offer.

There are several places in BC that Travelin’ Rick would love to visit but there was one place that stood out from the rest. Travelin’ Rick wanted to visit Adams Lake. Adams Lake is home of the Adams Lake Salmon Run. Travelin’ Rick has visited the salmon run at least six times in the past. He did know, however, that the salmon run for this year would not be a good one and that it was still too early in the year to see the salmon.

Travelin’ Rick searched the internet and he was able to find a really good deal on a one bedroom suite right on Adams Lake. He was very excited about his vacation. He was looking so forward to it.

Travelin’ Rick packed up the car and started on his journey. He drove across Highway 1 west. It was about a seven hour drive to Adams Lake, BC from Calgary, Alberta. He enjoyed the majestic mountains and the pristine lakes that he saw. They were so beautiful.

When he arrived at Adams Lake, it was late at night. He had a short ferry ride to get to the other side of Adams Lake. Travelin’ Rick loved the ferry ride.

“There has been a bear hanging around,” said Darren, the owner of the house, he was renting for the week. “Be aware and stay safe.”

Travelin’ Rick wasn’t surprised that there was a bear there. After all, he was staying in the middle of nowhere.

The next morning, Travelin’ Rick got up early and took a good look at the area around him. He loved the tall trees, the surrounding mountains and the clear blue lake.

“I think I am in heaven,” said Travelin’ Rick to himself. “This place is absolutely beautiful. I love it here.”

Travelin’ Rick had to get some groceries so he took the ferry across the lake and drove to Kamloops, BC. Travelin’ Rick used to live in Kamloops, so it was nice for him to see that area again. He realized how much he missed it.

Once he had his groceries, he drove back to Adams Lake. Darren told him he had just missed seeing the bear by about ten minutes. Travelin’ Rick was a little disappointed. He wanted to see the bear.

That night, while Travelin’ Rick was sleeping, he heard some noises outside. He got up and looked around but couldn’t see anything. He had a feeling it was the bear.

The next day, Travelin’ Rick drove to Kelowna. He took his good friends, out for dinner. He had a very enjoyable day. He got home very late that night.

The next morning, Darren told him that he had seen the bear the night before. Travelin’ Rick loved wildlife and he really hoped he would get to see the bear, from a safe distance, of course.

The next day, Darren had told Travelin’ Rick that the bear was back, yet again. He had just missed him.

“I am going to see that bear,” said Travelin’ Rick. “One way or another.”

Travelin’ Rick kept hearing sounds outside. It sounded like something was walking around on the front deck above him. He couldn’t see anything though.

When he spoke with Darren the next morning, he told Travelin’ Rick that the bear was standing up on his hind legs, on a ledge, just outside his living room window that night. Darren thought the bear was probably trying to see if he could see anything on the top deck above.

That evening, Darren was at work. He works as the ferry operator. Travelin’ Rick could hear the bear roaming around on the porch above him. He went outside but, as usual, he saw nothing. He still heard noises however, so he went outside and checked again. This time, he saw a skunk in the garden that was right outside of his front door.

“That must be what I was hearing,” said Travelin’ Rick, even though the noises he was hearing sounded like it came from a bigger animal.

“I know that bear is out here,” said Travelin’ Rick to himself. “I want to see it by the end of the night.”

Travelin’ Rick went back inside but he continued to hear noises on the deck above him. It was one minute to midnight and Travelin’ Rick opened the door and looked around him. He looked over to the set of stairs and there, on the very top step, stood the bear. He just stood there looking down at Travelin’ Rick. He growled and then took off down the back of the stairs and across the garden.

“He is so beautiful,” said Travelin’ Rick, climbing into bed that night. “I am so happy I got to see him.”

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