Trickster Bunny Meets Owen

Owen is a four year old little boy that lives in Sydney, Australia with his mother, father and baby brother, Charlie. He loves going to the beach and he loves to build sand castles.

One sunny Autumn day, Owen was building the best and the biggest sand castle he had ever made. Right up through the middle of it, Owen saw one long floppy ear and then another.

“Look what you did,” said Owen, standing up and putting his hands on his hips. “You ruined my sand castle.”

“Hi! I am Trickster Bunny,” said Trickster Bunny. “I just dug a hole all the way from Canada.”

“Canada!” exclaimed Owen. “That is a long way from here.”

“Where is here?” asked Trickster, who had no idea where he was.

“Sydney, Australia,” said Owen.

“Oh dear,” said Trickster. “I told my sisters I was going to go far, far away but I didn’t mean to go that far away. This was supposed to be a trick I was playing on them.”

“Your sisters are going to be worried about you,” said Owen.

“Yes,” said Trickster. “They will be but it is so much quieter here.”

Trickster could hear the sound of the waves hitting the beach, a few sea gulls flying around and a few children laughing. Compared to the noise his ten sisters made at home, this was heaven.

“It is not always this quiet here,” said Owen. “This beach can get pretty loud at times.”

“Not as loud as having ten sisters yelling and screaming at you,” said Trickster.

“That would be a lot of noise,” agreed Owen. “I only have one baby brother, Charlie, and he makes a lot of noise. I couldn’t imagine living with ten Charlie’s.”

“I think I am going to stay here for a few days,” said Trickster.

“I could build you a sand castle to live in,” said Owen.

“I don’t think it would be very warm,” said Trickster. “It is Autumn.”

Yes,” said Owen, laughing. “It is Autumn but you are in Australia. It is warm here year round.”

“Oh yes,” said Trickster, foolishly. “I forgot about that.”

Owen worked hard to build Trickster a sand castle. Trickster was impressed at how big the sand castle was. It was huge.

“Thank you,” said Trickster. “This is very roomy. You did a great job.”

“You are very welcome,” said Owen.

Trickster went into the sand castle and had a nap. He was tired after the long day he had, digging his way from Canada to Australia.

Just after Trickster fell asleep, Owen noticed ten girl bunnies standing on the beach, looking confused.

“Are you Trickster’s sisters?” asked Owen.

“Yes we are,” said Frannie. “I am his oldest sister. Trickster is playing a trick on us. We came to find him.”

“I don’t think he wants to be found yet,” said Owen.

“Where are we?” asked Frannie.

“You are in Australia,” said Owen.

“Australia!” exclaimed Frannie, happily. “I have always wanted to visit Australia.”

Frannie and Trickster’s other nine sisters screamed at the top of their lungs and ran up and down the beach. They were so loud that Owen had to put his hand over his ears.

“Charlie isn’t even half that loud,” said Owen to himself. “I can see why Trickster wanted to get away from them.”

Trickster’s sisters continued screaming and yelling. Soon, Trickster woke up. He stepped out of the sand castle and immediately heard what he thought were his sisters.

“I must be dreaming,” said Trickster. “I am dreaming that my sisters are here.”

“They are here,” said Owen, pointing further down the beach, where they were still screaming and yelling. “You were right. They sure are loud.”

“I am going home now,” said Trickster. “Before they find me.”

“Oh no!” exclaimed Owen. “You are not leaving them here with me.”

“Fine,” said Trickster, approaching his sisters and waving goodbye to Owen.

Owen went home and when he heard Charlie cry, it didn’t bother him so much any more. His mother and father thought Owen was growing up but Owen knew the real reason. He was so grateful that he didn’t have ten sisters to deal with.

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