“G” is for Ghost

Alphabet Allie saw her friend, George, at a local garage.

“‘G’ is for garage,” said Alphabet Allie. “What are you at the garage?”

“There is a ghost in my house,” said George. “‘G’ is for ghost and I was scared so I came here.”

“Why did you get scared?” asked Alphabet Allie. “Ghosts are great creatures. ‘G’ is for great.”

“I was scared because this ghost was green,” said George. “‘G’ is for green.”

“A green ghost,” said Alphabet Allie. “That I would like to see.”

“Be my guest,” said George. “‘G’ is for guest. I am not going to go though!”

“‘G’ is for going and also for go,” said Allie. “I am going to go find the green ghost.”

“Don’t forget to latch the front gate when you get to my house,” said George. “‘G’ is for gate and get.”

“Of course,” said Alphabet Allie. “I wouldn’t want your goats to get out.”

“‘G’ is for goats,” said George. “We also have some geese.”

“‘G’ is for geese,” said Allie. “I will be careful not to let the geese out.”

“Good,” said George. “Because the geese belong to my grandmother and she would not be happy if they were gone.”

“‘G’ is for good, grandmother and also for gone,” said Allie.

Allie went to George’s house. She made sure the gate was closed. She saw the goats but she didn’t see the geese.

“Where are the geese?” Allie asked George’s grandmother.

“They are behind the garden,” said Grandmother. “‘G’ is for garden.”

“I am here to find the green ghost,” said Allie.

“There is no green ghost,” laughed Grandmother.

“What was it that George saw?” asked Allie.

“I put a garbage bag over top of an old pillow,” said Grandmother. “‘G’ is for garbage.”

“Some green ghost,” laughed Allie. “Silly George. I must be going now.”

“Goodbye,” waved Grandmother. “‘G’ is for goodbye.”

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