Boiled Cauliflower and a Boiled Carrot

It happened to be the hottest day of the summer. Loud Garden was supposed to practice but since it was so hot, Christopher Corn told everyone to take the day off and to keep themselves cool.

“That was a wise decision,” said Farmer Fred. “It is a scorcher out there today.”

“It is the hottest day so far,” said Christopher.

“I think I am going to go to the lake today. said Farmer Fred. “You are welcome to join me if you want.”

“I would love to,” said Christopher. “It has to be cooler there.”

“It will be,” said Farmer Fred. “Especially in the water.”

“Are you going swimming?” asked Christopher.

“I am,” said Farmer Fred. “You should too.”

“Maybe,” said Christopher. “I feel adventurous today.”

Farmer Fred and Christopher went to the lake. Meanwhile, the rest of the band members were quite bored. They were so used to practising their music that it was really hard for them to think about doing anything else.

“I don’t see why we still can’t practise,” said Mrs. Tomato.

“Either do I,” said Olive Onion.

Loud Garden started practising. Mrs. Tomato, Olive and her husband, Oliver didn’t find it too bad for heat. However, Cameron Cauliflower and Calvin Carrot were very hot.

“It looks like we have boiled cauliflower and a boiled carrot,” said Farmer Fred, when he returned from the lake with Christopher.

“It does,” said Christopher. “I think we need to take them to the lake.”

“I agree,” said Farmer Fred. “Let’s go now.”

Cameron and Calvin jumped right into the lake once they got there. They felt so much cooler.

“So,” said Christopher. “Next time I tell you to cool down on a hot day, we are going to come straight here to the lake. That way I know you will all listen.”

“Good idea,” said Cameron.

“I can’t afford to have you become boiled vegetables,” said Christopher. “I need you all to be healthy.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is best to try to stay cool on a hot day.
  • Example: Cameron Cauliflower and Calvin Carrot did not listen to Christopher Corn’s advice about staying cool on a hot day.

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