Beatrice Bee Interrupts a Picnic

“I think today would be a perfect day to have a picnic,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It is warm outside and the sun is shining.”

“I agree,” said Poor Mountain Father. “It has been awhile since we have done anything together. We have all been pretty busy with our own schedules.”

“This has been a very busy summer,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It seems that as the children get older, they spend more and more time doing activities away from home and when they are home, it is homework, homework, homework.”

“I still can’t believe they were given homework to do over their summer break,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“I don’t think it is all that big of a deal,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “At least with doing a bit of school work over the summer, they won’t be so rusty when school starts in September.”

“I suppose that is true,” said Poor Mountain Father.

Poor Mountain Mother packed up the food they would need for their picnic. Poor Mountain Sister and Poor Mountain Brother were thrilled when they found out they were going on a picnic.

“Are we going to the lake?” asked Poor Mountain Sister.

“If we are going to the lake,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “We will have to bring our bathing suits so we can go swimming.”

“I already have them packed,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

“That means we are going to the lake,” said Poor Mountain Sister, happily.

“Goodie,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

The Poor Mountain Family made it to the lake just after noon. The children were hot so they went for a swim.

“The water was so nice,” said Poor Mountain Sister, sitting down at the picnic table.

Poor Mountain Father noticed a bee flying around the picnic table. He was about to swat it but Poor Mountain Sister stopped him.

“Please don’t hurt the bee,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“And why not?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“It isn’t really bothering us,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “Also, bees are becoming extinct and we need them to pollinate certain plants. We need them for honey too.”

“You sure know a lot about bees,” said the bee. “I am impressed.”

“Thank you,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “I just finished reading all about bees in my science book.”

“Studying over the summer holiday,” said Poor Mountain Father. “It sure looks like it is paying off.”

“It does,” said the bee. “More people should be like you. My name is Beatrice Be.”

“We are the Poor Mountain Family,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “We are happy to meet you.”

“It is my pleasure meeting you as well,” said Beatrice.

The Poor Mountain Family had a wonderful picnic together with their new friend, Beatrice.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to keep learning through the summer.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Sister knew a lot about bees because she had been studying them throughout the summer.

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