Raking Autumn Leaves

Mr. Red Leaf was outside in standing in a pile of autumn leaves. He had been blown down from his home, a huge maple tree, by a strong autumn wind.

“I am so angry at the autumn wind for blowing me down from the tree,” said Mr. Red Leaf.

Mr. Red Leaf saw a family approaching him. They had rakes in their hands and were coming straight for the pile of leaves he was standing in.

“Stay away from me!” cried Mr. Red Leaf.

“What was that noise?” asked Troll Daddy. “It sounded like someone screaming.”

“I don’t see anyone,” said Troll Brother. “All I see is a bunch of leaves.”

“I want to get them raked up into a huge pile,” said Troll Sister. “Then we can jump in them! The Troll Family took their rakes and started to rake them up.

“No!” cried Mr. Red Leaf as the rakes got closer and closer to him. ”I don’t want to get raked up!”

Mr. Red Leaf was scared. He started shaking as the rakes got closer and closer to him. Just as one of the rakes almost touched him, a big gust of wind came along and blew him away.

“I am so grateful for that gust of autumn wind,” said Mr. Red Leaf, realizing he was out of harms way.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes the wind can bee a good thing.
  • Example: Mr. Red Leaf didn’t like the autumn wind because it blew him down from his tree but then it saved him from getting raked up.

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