Mr. Red Leaf

Mr. Red Leaf was hanging from his home, which is a tall maple tree in Perth, Ontario. It was a very windy, autumn day.

“What is going on?” screamed Mr. Red Leaf, as he felt himself tumble to the ground.

Mr. Red Leaf stood up. He realized that the autumn wind had blown him to the ground. He was very angry about the wind blowing him down because he didn’t feel he was ready to leave his home, the maple tree. More importantly though, Mr. Red Leaf realized he could now talk.

“I am so angry with you, autumn wind,” shouted Mr. Red Leaf. “Why did you blow me away from my home? This isn’t fair. I wasn’t ready to leave my home yet. Now that I can talk though, everyone is going to hear my story.”

Everyone in Storyland did hear Mr. Red Leaf’s story and not once, not twice but, they heard it over and over and over again. It got to the point where the Storyland characters were tired of hearing his story so, they started to avoid him.

“I don’t understand why nobody will listen to me anymore,” said Mr. Red Leaf. “I just can’t figure it out.”

Mr. Red Leaf went around to all the characters in Storyland and talked to them about his latest issue, not once, not twice but several times, over and over again. The Storyland characters avoided him, yet again.

“What am I going to do?” cried Mr. Red Leaf. “I can’t tell my story to anyone.”

“Maybe,” Mr. Red Leaf heard a voice from behind him. “Maybe we have heard your stories too many times now.”

“Oh dear,” said Mr. Red Leaf, turning to see Ant standing behind him. “I never realized that. I am so sorry. I will try to be careful with how many times I tell my stories.”

“That would be appreciated,” said Ant.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is okay to tell a story more than once but only if people want to listen to it.
  • Example: Mr. Red Leaf kept telling his stories to Storyland characters over and over and over again and he couldn’t figure out why nobody wanted to listen to him.
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