Batty Almost Misses Halloween

Batty looked at the calendar that hung on the wall of his cave.

“Oh good,” said Batty. “I can sleep for another whole day until it is Halloween.”

Batty fell right back to sleep quickly. He was very tired these days and he wanted to catch up on his sleep before the big night. Halloween is a very big night for bats. It is the night that people are the most afraid of them. It is the night that they can hear fearful screams for hours on end. Bats enjoy every second of those fearful screams, too.

“Batty!” someone was yelling. “Batty, wake up. It is Halloween night. You’re going to miss out on all the fun!”

Batty opened one eye and saw his neighbour standing there looking right at him.

“Come on Batty!” exclaimed Batty’s neighbour, BeeBat Jones, shaking Batty to try to wake him up. “You don’t want to be the only bat around that misses out on Halloween, now do you?”

Batty woke up and looked over at his neighbour, BeeBat and then glanced at his calendar. Then he noticed what had happened. Batty was looking at last year’s calendar.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Batty, waking up as quickly as he could. “BeeBat I owe you one.”

“Yes,” said BeeBat, happy that Batty had finally woken up. “And I will collect on that favour, don’t you worry.”

“Okay,” said Batty, knowing what favour BeeBat was referring too. “If you want to be the first bat out tonight go right ahead.”

There was always a contest with the bats of which bat was going to be the first out of their caves on Halloween night. This year it was Batty’s turn.

“Okay,” said BeeBat, taking Batty up on that favour right away. “See you out there tonight!”

“Yes,” said Batty. “I’ll be there.”

“Don’t fall back to sleep,” said BeeBat.

“Don’t worry,” said Batty, splashing his face with cold water. “I won’t!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always make sure you are looking at an updated calendar.
  • Example: Batty almost misses Halloween because he was looking at last year’s calendar.
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