Lucky Leprechaun’s Hat

Hoppy Bunny was bored. It was St. Patrick’s Day, so he decided he would visit with his best friend, Lucky Leprechaun.

“Hello,” said Lucky Leprechaun, who was very happy to see his friend. “Today just might be your lucky day. It is St. Patrick’s Day.”

“It is indeed,” said Hoppy.

“Would you like a cup of green tea?” Lucky Leprechaun asked. “I just made a fresh pot.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Hoppy.

While Lucky Leprechaun was preparing the tea, Hoppy saw a green felt hat sitting on a chair. He took the hat and tried it on. He saw a mirror in the dining room so he went to look at himself.

“Oh,” said Hoppy. “I love how this hat fits.”

Lucky Leprechaun came into the dining room and placed a tray of green tea and some baked goods on the table. Hoppy went to take the cup of green tea off the tray and the cup fell to the floor. He then took a cookie off the tray and that too fell on the floor.

“I am so sorry,” said Hoppy. “This doesn’t appear to be a very lucky day after all.”

Lucky Leprechaun wasn’t sure why Hoppy was having such bad luck. Then he looked at the hat Hoppy was wearing.

“Is that my hat?” asked Lucky Leprechaun.

“Yes it is,” said Hoppy. “I saw it on the chair in the living room.”

“The hat is what is giving you bad luck,” said Lucky Leprechaun.

“I don’t understand,” said Hoppy, confused. “If this is your hat and you are a leprechaun then why wouldn’t the hat bring good luck to anyone wearing it.”

“It does bring good luck,” explained Lucky Leprechaun. “It brings good luck to leprechauns and only leprechauns.

Hoppy immediately took the hat off and he gave it to Lucky Leprechaun. He walked over to where he had spilled the tea and the cookie and he proceeded to clean up his mess.

“Thank you,” said Lucky Leprechaun. “I think you missed a spot of the tea though.”

Hoppy went over to where Lucky Leprechaun was pointing. He couldn’t see any tea left on the floor. However, he did see a pot of gold.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Hoppy. “My luck is changing. I am having good luck after all.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Having good luck is a good thing.
  • Example: Hoppy Bunny didn’t have good luck when he tried Lucky Leprechaun’s hat on.

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