A Helping Hand

“What do you have plans to do today?” asked Mama Acorn, seeing Papa Acorn sitting at the kitchen table.

“It is now autumn,” said Papa Acorn. “Winter will soon be here. I have to finish fixing the hole in our roof.”

“Okay,” said Mama Acorn. “I have laundry to do today. Please be careful.”

“I will,” said Papa Acorn.

Papa Acorn grabbed his toolbox and went up onto the roof. He took his hammer out of his toolbox and laid it down beside it. He walked over to take a shingle out of the package that he had put on the roof a few days ago. He ended up tripping on the hammer and he tumbled to the ground. Luckily for him, he landed in a big pile of leaves.

“Oh dear,” Papa Acorn heard from behind him. “I saw you fall. Are you okay? I am Hillbilly Bob.”

“I am okay,” said Papa Acorn. “I am Papa Acorn. I was trying to fix the roof on my house and I tripped on my hammer and fell.”

“What is wrong with your roof?” asked Hillbilly Bob.

“It has a few shingles that need replacing,” said Papa Acorn.

“I could help,” said Hillbilly Bob.

“That would be wonderful,” said Papa Acorn.

It took Hillbilly Bob just a few minutes and he had the roof finished.

“Thank you so much,” said Papa Acorn. “You must stay for dinner.”

“I would love to,” said Hillbilly Bob.

Mama Acorn was delighted that their roof was fixed. She gave Hillbilly Bob an extra big slice of acorn pie for dessert.

“Thank you,” said Hillbilly Bob, pushing the plate away. “I ate before I came.”

“You don’t like my wife’s cooking?” said Papa.

“Oh it isn’t that,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I know what acorn pie tastes like. It is so bitter.”

“Yes,” agreed Papa, laughing. “It can be but Mama does add a secret ingredient to it, sugar.”

“Oh,” said Hillbilly Bob, taking the plate back and taking a big bite. “This does taste so much better. I will have to tell my mother about this.”

Mama Acorn gave Hillbilly Bob a piece to give his mother.

“Thank you for your helping hand,” said Papa Acorn.

“You are very welcome,” said Hillbilly Bob.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to lend a helping hand.
  • Example: Hillbilly Bob leant a helping hand to Papa Acorn and helped him fix his roof.

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