A Sunshine Helper

Sunshine Sally was outside, enjoying the autumn weather. It was cool outside but not overly cold.

“I should rake up these leaves,” said Sunshine Sally. “I won’t be able to do anything out here soon. It will be much too cold.”

Sunshine Sally went into her garden shed. She grabbed her rake and a pair of garden gloves and set out to rake her lawn. While she was raking, she saw a pair of long grey furry ears sticking out of the leaves.

“Oh,” said Sunshine Sally, looking at the cutest bunny she had ever seen. “Are you hiding?”

The bunny looked up at Sunshine Sally with the saddest of eyes. Sunshine Sally felt so sorry for him.

“You poor little thing,” said Sunshine Sally. “Are you lost? It looks like you are much too young to be outside on your own. Where is your Mommy?”

Sunshine Sally just happened to glance across the street. She saw a mother rabbit with six babies sitting on the sidewalk looking at the bunny that Sunshine Sally was talking to.

“Does he belong to you?” Sunshine Sally asked.

The mother wriggled her nose at Sunshine Sally.

“I will bring him to you,” said Sunshine Sally.

Sunshine Sally picked up the bunny in her gloved hands and set him down on the sidewalk beside his mother. The mother looked up at Sunshine Sally and wriggled her nose.

She sniffed the bunny and then all of them, including the bunny Sunshine Sally put down on the sidewalk, hopped away.

“One big happy furry family,” laughed Sunshine Sally as they hopped away.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be helpful if you can.
  • Example: Sunshine Sally helped a bunny by carrying him across the street to his mother.

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