Fall Flowers

“I am hungry for some sunflowers,” said Quebite.

Every autumn, Quebite, an elusive creature loves to eat sunflowers. He doesn’t just eat the seeds from a sunflower, he will eat the petals and the leaves too.

“I remember seeing some sunflowers growing at the far edge of the forest,” said Quebite to himself.

Quebite knew it would be too risky for him to go there during daylight hours. He does not want anyone to see him. He is elusive and wants to stay that way.

Once it was dark outside, Quebite went in search of the sunflowers. He walked quickly because he knew he would have to be back in his tunnel before morning light.

There are some creatures that are afraid of walking in the forest in the dark. However, Quebite was not one of those creatures. Quebite loved the dark and the reason for that is because he has very good eyesight.

“There they are!” exclaimed Quebite to himself, seeing a field full of sunflowers.

Quebite pulled several sunflowers out of the ground and he ate every single one of them. One thing a Quebite does not do is waste food.

“I am so full,” said Quebite. “I don’t feel like walking all the way home. However, I don’t really have a choice. I can’t risk anyone seeing me.”

Quebite walked home. He tried to hurry but all he wanted to do was sleep.

“Come on,” said Quebite, trying to keep his eyes open. “I can do this.”

Quibite spotted a small pond. He splashed some cool water on his face. He heard a noise behind him. He immediately went to stand behind a big tree that was right next to the pond. He watched as a frog hopped from one lily pad to another.

“That was a close call,” thought Quebite, realizing the frog didn’t know he was there. “I will have to be more careful.”

Quebite waited until the frog hopped away and then he continued walking home. He kept a close eye on things and was relieved that he got home safe and sound. Quebite went straight to bed. He slept for a day and a half and when he woke up, he saw snow on the ground, lots of it.

“Time to just go back to sleep,” said Quebite. “I am lucky that I went to get those sunflowers when I did. Otherwise I would not have been able to get any until next year.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We do get sleepy after we eat a good meal.
  • Example: Quebite was very sleepy after eating the sunflowers that he ate.

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