Being Elusive

“Look at the people in the forest,” said Quebite. “I bet they are all looking for me.”

Quebite is an elusive creature. He exists but nobody has found him yet and he will do everything he can to make sure they never do. He wants to stay elusive because he fears that if he is found, his entire species will be at risk.

It was a beautiful autumn day. Quebite really wanted to be outdoors. He had been spending so much time inside his tunnel lately because of a bad autumn storm that had gone through the forest a few days back.

“I know what I will do,” said Quebite. “I will walk behind those people. They will never know I am there. That way, I can get outside and enjoy this beautiful day.”

Quebite waited until the very last person was walking down on a path. Then, he snuck up about 100 feet behind them and he followed them.

“If I were a Quebite,” Quebite heard one person say. “Where in this forest would I be?”

Oh, Quebite was having a grand old time. He wanted to shout out to the people and tell them to look behind them. He knew he couldn’t but it didn’t stop him from thinking about it.

Quebite had fun following the group of people. They had absolutely no idea that he was there and he heard all about all the places they thought he was.

“He must climb trees,” said another person. “Why, I bet he is up in one of those trees right now, looking down at us and laughing.”

“I am right here!” Quebite wanted to shout.

“You know,” said one person about an hour later. “Nobody has actually seen a Quebite. Do you think they even exist. I am really beginning to doubt it.”

“Just turn around!” Quebite was so close to shouting out.

Quebite had so much fun that afternoon, following that group of people. He was very happy because he knew being elusive and the risk to his species were safe, at least for the time being.


Moral of this Story:

  • You never know what really does exist.
  • Example: Quebite loves being elusive and he will do everything he can to make sure he stays elusive.

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