Hockey Hero

“It is nice to meet you Steven,” said Harold the Hockey Player, who was signing autographs at the local hospital for children who were sick.

“I am very sick,” said Steven.

“Yes,” said Harold the Hockey Player. “I am sorry to hear that.”

“I am happy you are here,” said Steven. “I love hockey. You are my favourite player.”

“Thank you,” said Harold the Hockey Player.

“My birthday is this week,” said Steven. “Would you like to come?”

“I would love to,” said Harold the Hockey Player.

Harold the Hockey Player found out that Steven’s birthday was the same day as his big hockey game. However, a promise was a promise. He made arrangements with the hospital and Steven’s parents for Steven to attend the hockey game on his birthday.

Steven was thrilled. He had never been to an actual live hockey game.

“This is the best birthday ever,” said Steven, after the game was over.

“I am happy you enjoyed it,” said Harold the Hockey Player.

Harold the Hockey Player stayed in touch with Steven after that game. Steven started showing signs of improvement and his disease went into remission.

“You know,” said Steven’s Mother. “He was going downhill up until the day he met you. I think you have influenced Steven to get better. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are Steven’s hockey hero!”

“I’ m not a hero,” said Harold the Hockey Player. “I never had children of my own because of my busy schedule. However, I love children and I am so happy Steven is doing so much better.”

“He definitely is,” said Steven’s Mother, giving Harold the Hockey Player a big hug.

Harold the Hockey Player kept in touch with Steven over the years. He was thrilled when Steven started playing hockey too.

“Harold the Hockey Player is my hero,” said Steven, one year when Steven scored the winning goal for his division and winning the tournament. “I owe this game to him. In fact, I owe my life to him!”

Harold the Hockey Player stood in the crowd and cheered for Steven, with tears streaming down his face.

“All I did was be kind and care,” said Harold the Hockey Player.

“One simple act of kindness saved my son’s life,” Steven’s Mother cried. “One simple act of kindness.”


Moral of this Story:

  • One simple act of kindness goes a long way.
  • Example: Harold the Hockey Player took Steven, a sick young boy, to a hockey game for his birthday and Steven’s health started to improve.

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