Spreading Sunshine

Sunshine Sally saw that it was a dull and dreary autumn day. All the leaves had long since fallen off the trees. The sky was a dark gray colour and it was filled with even darker gray clouds.

“This is so sad,” said Sunshine Sally. “It is so dull and dreary outside. If I want to spread some sunshine I have my work cut out.”

Sunshine Sally grabbed her coat and scarf and took a walk. She saw the looks on people’s faces as they walked by. They were just as dull and dreary as the day was.

“Oh I can’t have this,” said Sunshine Sally. “Everyone is miserable.”

Sunshine Sally walked up the street and when she was able to make eye contact with people, she smiled the biggest smile she could. Those people smiled back. That made Sunshine Sally very happy.

Sunshine Sally stood on the street, as she waited to cross to the other side and she watched the people she had smiled at. She watched as those people smiled at other people. Soon, Sunshine Sally saw everyone smiling.

“Oh this is wonderful,” said Sunshine Sally. “I was able to make all these people smile!”

Sunshine Sally walked home and she saw a break in the clouds. She saw the sun shining through.

“This is even better,” said Sunshine Sally. “Even the sky decided to smile.”


Moral of this Story:

  • A little smile goes a long way.
  • Example: Sunshine Sally spread her smiles and soon, everyone was smiling, even the sky.

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