Isn’t There Any Love Left in this World

Billy and Dianne Troll were watching the news on television. They had just finished putting Baby Troll down for his nap. The newscaster was just speaking about the current war in the Middle East. They were speaking of the death and destruction that has been going on for weeks now.

“That is all that is ever on the news anymore, “said Billy.

“War and destruction, “said Dianne. “That is all we ever hear about.”

“It is pretty depressing.” said Billy.

‘It makes me wonder what kind of world we are bringing our children up in,” said Dianne.

“Not a very good one,” said Billy turning off the television and getting his guitar out

“War, war,” Billy sung as he strummed loudly on his guitar. “War is killing us. War is destroying us. War just makes no sense. No sense to me at all.”

“You Know, “said Dianne. “Why don’t we try to promote peace and happiness?”

“You mean as in a concert, “said Billy.

“Yes,” said Dianne. “We could have a benefit concert and donate the proceeds to the war-torn countries.”

“That is an awesome idea, “said Billy. “I bet the Jagged Trolls would play and also Just Girlz too.”

“Yes,” said Dianne. “You have just made my job a whole lot easier.”

“How?” asked Billy.

“Well,” said Dianne. “There are three major bands in our lineup already.”

Billy and Dianne worked very hard at promoting their peace and happiness benefit concert. They were able to get lots of major acts to perform from Troll Town and the surrounding area. It seemed everyone was sick and tired of the war and it also seemed everyone was willing to do something positive to promote peace and happiness.

“What a successful event that was!” exclaimed Dianne to Billy when she finished counting up the ticket sales the next morning. “We made over $100,000.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Billy, reaching for his guitar. “A little love goes a long, long way.”

“That would be an awesome song for the Valentine’s Day concert,” said Dianne.

”What Valentine’s Day concert?” asked Billy.

“The concert next week,” said Dianne.

Billy just laughed and continued strumming and singing.

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