Cupid’s Work

Dianne Troll was taking Baby Troll for a walk in the park. It had been a long while since the sun was shining and Dianne wanted to take advantage of the sunshine.

“It sure is a nice day,” said an older man that sat down on the bench beside Dianne, while she gave Baby Troll his bottle.

“Yes it is,” said Dianne. “It seems that sunny days are few and far between these days.”

“It definitely does,” said the older man. “This winter has been a very tough one.”

“What do you mean?” asked Dianne, sensing that the older man was talking about more than the weather.

“I lost my wife, Rosie,” said the older man, a tear forming in the corner of his eyes.

“Oh I am so sorry,” said Dianne. “Losing a loved one is never a good thing.”

“It was terrible,” said the older man. “Losing my Rosie to my best friend, Pete, was the hardest thing I have gone through.”

“Wait a minute,” said Dianne. “You mean Rosie is still alive.”

“Yes,” said the older man. “She’s still alive. Oh, wait, when I said I lost her you thought I meant… Oh dear, yes, she is still alive.”

“Well then, “said Dianne. “Then what are you waiting for. You still have a chance to get her back.”

“What about Pete?” said the older man.

“What about him?” said Dianne. “He can’t be that nice of a friend if he stole Rosie away from you.”

“True,” said the older man.

“Well then,” said Dianne. “It is up to you to get Rosie back, that is if you want her back. You can’t give up hope.”

“Oh, more than anything in this world,” said the older man, tears streaming down his face.

Dianne sat and talked with the older man for about half an hour. The learned that his name was Hank and that he and Rosie were married for over forty years. Dianne also found out the she knew who Rosie was. Rosie worked in the Troll Town Diner as a waitress.

“Look,” said Dianne. “Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Meet me at the diner at noon and wear your best suit. You’re going to get your Rosie back.”

Dianne didn’t tell Hank that she had actually talked to Rosie in the diner, several times. Rosie had told Dianne that she left Hank because she thought that Hank didn’t love her anymore. Rosie told Dianne that she has been waiting for Hank to come and fight for her and win her love. She also told Dianne her and Pete were just friends and that Pete had offered her place to stay until Hank came to his senses.

Dianne was all excited that she was going to be able to get these two lovers back together again on Valentine’s Day. When Dianne told Billy, her famous rock star husband about it, he laughed and shook his head.

“You are taking over Cupid’s job,” Billy laughed.

“Cupid, should have done something by now,” said Dianne.

“I suppose,” said Billy. “However, Cupid only works on Valentine’s Day.”

“Valentine’s Day should be every day of the year,” said Dianne.

“That would get expensive,” said Billy, “All those flowers and chocolates that I would have to buy.”

”Speaking of flowers and chocolates,” said Dianne.

Billy didn’t say a word. Instead he handed his credit card to Dianne.

“Oh Hank!” exclaimed Dianne when she walked into the diner and saw Hank sitting down on a bench in the entrance way. “You certainly look handsome.”

“Thank you, “said Hank, blushing.

Dianne handed Hank the box of chocolates and dozen roses that she bought for him.

“Oh dear, “said Hank when he saw then. “I should have thought to buy them myself.”

“Well,” said Dianne, washing over to fix Hank’s bowtie. “Just remember to buy them for Rosie next time.”

“If there will be a next time,” said Hank.

“There will be,” said Dianne. “Now, look there is Rosie. Go on inside.”

Hank was very nervous when he went inside. He saw Rosie standing there. She looked so beautiful and he realized how much he had missed her. Hank just stood there. He couldn’t speak or even move.

“Are those for me?” Rosie asked about the chocolates and the flowers, tying to find a way to break the awkward silence.

“Oh dear,” said Hank, finally able to speak, while handing the flowers and chocolates to Rosie. “Yes, these are for you.”

Dianne, who was still in the entrance way, saw the big smile on Rosie’s face when Hank handed her the flowers and the chocolates. She also saw Rosie give Hank a kiss on his cheek. Dianne knew everything was going to be fine for Rosie and Hank. She left the diner smiling.

Later that afternoon, Dianne was reading in the den and Billy came in with a box chocolates and a dozen roses.

“Oh you shouldn’t have,” said Dianne, giving Billy a kiss.

“Oh but I didn’t,” said Billy. “They are from Hank and Rosie.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Never give up hope.
  • Example: Hank thought he lost Rosie to his friend, Pete.
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