Summer Rainbow

Lucky Leprechaun was taking a walk in the forest. It had just finished raining. Lucky was searching for summer rainbows.

Because he was a leprechaun, his job was to place a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. While on his walk, Lucky saw his friend, Hoppy Bunny.

“Hoppy!” called Lucky. “I am so glad to see you.”

“That was some rainstorm we just had,” said Hoppy. “I suppose you are out catching a summer rainbow.”

“Yes,” said Lucky. “I am.”

“Well,” said Hoppy, pointing behind Lucky. “This is your lucky day. There is one right behind you.”

Lucky turned around and there, in front of him, was a beautiful rainbow.

“Thank you,” said Lucky.

“You are welcome,” said Hoppy. “It is fun helping you catch rainbows.”

“This one is so beautiful,” said Lucky. “The colours are so vibrant.”

Lucky took a pot of gold out of his back pocket and placed it at the end of the rainbow.

“There,” said Lucky, walking back to where Hoppy was.” My work is done for today. Now, we can play.”

“Not quite,” said Hoppy. “There is another one.”

“Oh my!” shouted Lucky, happily. “This is a very lucky day.”

Lucky took another pot of gold out of his pocket and placed it at the end of the rainbow. He came back to where Happy was and he saw him pointing to another one. This one was a double rainbow. Lucky ran to the end of the double rainbow and placed pots of gold at the ends of each one.

“Now,” said Hoppy. “Let’s go play.”

“Maybe tomorrow,” said Lucky. “I am too tired to play now.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Just when you think your job is done, it isn’t.
  • Example: Lucky Leprechaun thought his job was done when he put a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but, then his friend, Hoppy, noticed a double rainbow.
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