Jen-Jen and the Magical Spring Flower

“I have never noticed this beautiful spring flower in my garden before,” said Jen-Jen to herself.

In the middle of the garden, Jen-Jen saw the most beautiful spring flower. It was the prettiest blue colour that she had ever seen. It had seven blue petals, with the brightest pink center.

“It is so beautiful,” said Jen-Jen.

Jen-Jen looked around the garden. The funny thing was, there was only the one beautiful flower there.

“Strange,” said Jen-Jen. “I can only see one beautiful flower.”

“What beautiful flower?” Jen-Jen heard a voice from behind.

”This one,” said Jen-Jen pointing to the flower while turning around to see a robin sitting on a fence post.

“I don’t see any flower where you are pointing,” said the robin.

“You can’t see the pretty blue colour,” said Jen-Jen. “The one that has seven blue petals and a bright pink center.”

“Oh my!” gasped the robin. “This might be a magical spring flower!”

“What do you mean?” asked Jen-Jen.

“The flower that only you can see is magical,” explained the robin. “What that means is you are going to always have good luck because you are the only one that can see it.”

“That is good to know,” said Jen-Jen. “I like to have good luck.”

Jen-Jen bent down and saw a four-leafed clover on the ground.

“Looks like your good luck is starting already,” said the robin.

“Yes,” said Jen-Jen, putting the four-leafed clover in her pocket. “It certainly has.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to have good luck.
  • Example: Jen-Jen had good luck because she was the only one that saw the magical spring flower.

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