Runner Rabbit

Runner Rabbit and the Spring Morning Rain

Grade 2 Level Runner Rabbit Stories Spring Stories Spring Story Challenge 2018

“Oh no it is raining,” said Runner Rabbit. “It is a beautiful spring morning, or at least it was.”

“It is spring,” said Runner Rabbit’s best friend, Rita Rabbit. “It does tend to rain in spring.”

“It just seems that when I want to do something it rains,” said Runner.

“What did you want to do?” asked Rita.

“I want to go for a walk,” said Runner.

The sky lit up with a big streak of lightning.

“I think you should wait until the rain stops,” said Rita. “It might be dangerous?”

“I still want to go for a walk,” said Runner.

Runner started walking but then he heard a loud roar of thunder. The thunder scared him. Runner ran up the road as fast as he could.

“You should have listened to me,” said Rita, when she saw Runner later that morning.

 “Yes,” said Runner. “You are right. I should have.”

“It stopped raining,” said Rita. “Would you like to go for a walk now?”

“Yes,” said Runner. “I would like that.”

Runner and Rita enjoyed their spring morning walk. They heard birds chirping and saw small animals scurrying about.

“This turned out to be a beautiful spring morning after all,” said Runner.

“Yes,” said Rita. “It did.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to wait until the weather clears before going for a walk.
  • Example: Rita Rabbit told Runner Rabbit he should wait for the rain and thunder to clear before going for a walk.
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