Runner Rabbit and the Spring Marathon

“I entered the spring marathon,” announced Runner Rabbit.

“I am so proud of you,” said his best friend, Rita Rabbit. “You will do very well in it.”

“Thank you,” said Runner Rabbit. “I would really like to win it.”

“That is a good attitude to have,” said Rita.

The day of the spring marathon rolled around.

Runner Rabbit was grateful for the warm weather. It was the perfect spring day to be running in a marathon.

“Good luck Runner!” screamed Rita Rabbit at the start of the marathon.

Rita Rabbit cheered Runner Rabbit on. She was so proud of him. Runner Rabbit was keeping up the pace very well. Rita Rabbit noticed he may be keeping it up a little too well.

“Pace yourself!” shouted Rita. “You don’t want to wear yourself out early.”

“I am fine,” said Runner Rabbit.

A few minutes later, Rita Rabbit noticed that Runner Rabbit was slowing down considerably.

“You have to keep a steady pace,” said Rita. “You are starting to fall behind.”

Runner Rabbit didn’t listen to Rita’s advice. Instead, he did the opposite. He ran away from Rita as fast as he could go. He ran so fast that he passed all the other marathon runners. He ran so fast that he was the first one over the finish line.

“Runner!” shouted Rita Rabbit. “You won! You are in first place. I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you!” shouted Runner Rabbit. “I can’t believe I won.”

“I can’t either,” said Rita Rabbit. “As usual, you didn’t take my advice.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always listen to your friends. They may have good advice.
  • Example: Rita Rabbit gave her friend, Runner Rabbit, some advice on how to win the marathon.

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