Runner Rabbit, a Spring Picnic and a Spring Party

Runner Rabbit had his picnic basket in his hands. He was on his way out the door when he saw his friend, Rita Rabbit, walking up his laneway.

“I see you are ready for my spring party,” said Rita Rabbit.

“No,” said Runner Rabbit. “I am going on a spring picnic at the park.”

“But,” said Rita. “I really want you at my spring party.”

“I am confused,” said Runner Rabbit. “I don’t know what to do.”

“That is easy,” said Rita. “Come to my spring party.”

“I already had plans though,” said Runner Rabbit. “You should have told me about your spring party. I could have made plans for it.”

“I did tell you about my spring party,” said Rita. “I sent you a text.”

“I didn’t get it,” said Runner.

Rita took out her phone. She saw that she forgot to press the send button on the message that was meant for Runner.

“My bad,” said Rita. “I forgot to press the send button. However, please come to my party. It will be more fun than a silly old picnic.”

Runner put down his picnic basket and he did what he always did. He ran and hid.

“I am sorry,” said Rita, when she found Runner hiding behind his favourite rock. “I shouldn’t have been so inconsiderate. I am sorry for making you hide.

Go to your picnic. I will reschedule my party for another day.”

“Don’t forget to press the send button when you do,” said Runner, laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t always assume someone received your text.
  • Example: Rita Rabbit had sent a text to her friend, Runner Rabbit but she forgot to press the send button.
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