Sweet Summer Tart

“Come and taste this,” said Grandmother, stirring a pot of sweet berries over an open fire, just outside her cave.

“Oh Grandmother,” said Caveman Jack, tasting the bubbly mixture. “That is so tasty.”

Grandmother took the hot pot off the fire to let it cool. She took out a well-rounded piece of wood and started making a pie crust. As she rolled the pie crust with the well-rounded piece of wood, some of the mixture fell onto the ground. It was covered in mud.

“Oh dear!” cried Grandmother. “I wanted to make a pie. I don’t have enough mixture left for it. What am I going to do?”

Caveman Jack went over to the table that Grandmother was standing beside. He took a look at the amount Grandmother had left.

“You could make smaller ones,” said Caveman Jack. “You have enough there to make four or five of them.”

“What a genius you are!” cried Grandmother, giving Caveman Jack a big hug.

Grandmother had just enough mixture to make six little pies.

“These are wonderful,” said Caveman Jack, when Grandmother gave him one to eat once they had cooled down. “They are sweet and yet tart all at the same time.”

“My sweet summer tarts,” said Grandmother.

“Yes,” said Caveman Jack. “Your sweet summer tarts are delicious.”


Moral of this Story:

  • You can always find a way to improvise when baking.
  • Example: Grandmother didn’t have enough pie crust to bake a pie so Caveman Jack suggested that she make smaller ones instead.
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