Grampy’s Little Green Car Goes to the Car Wash

Grampy’s Little Green Car was sitting in the garage. He could see the sun was shining out the garage window. He knew it was going to be a nice summer day.

“I sure wish Grampy would come take me for a drive,” thought Grampy’s Little Green Car to himself. “It has been a couple of months since we have gone anywhere. My engine feels like it is going to seize up and my windshield is covered in dust. Grampy must not be feeling well. We used to go for car rides at least twice a week.”

Later that morning, Grampy’s Little Green Car saw the kitchen light turn on and then he saw Grampy looking in the garage right at him. Grampy smiled and went back into the kitchen.

“Grampy didn’t look too bad today,” thought Grampy’s Little Green Car. “Maybe we are going for a drive after all.”

About an hour later, the garage door opened and Grampy got into his little green car and started it up.

“Oh how I’ve missed you,” said Grampy, with a tear in his eye. “I have been quite sick lately but I am getting better all the time.”

Grampy’s Little Green Car was so happy. His motor purred like a kitten for Grampy.

“We are going to the car wash,” said Grampy. “I need to get all that dust off you.”

Grampy drove his little green car to the car wash. On the way there, several women waved at Grampy. They loved his little green car, dust and all.

“So nice to see you again,” said Susan, waving at Grampy. “Nice car too by the way.”

“On my way to the car wash,” said Grampy, waving back.

“Oh it is Grampy and his little green car,” said Margaret, waving. “Nice to see you again. I love your car.”

“Going to give him a bath,” said Grampy, waving back.

Grampy loved the attention his little green car was getting. He felt very good at that moment, better than he had felt in a few months. Grampy had been battling cancer and he won the battle.

Grampy washed his little green car. He cleaned all the mats and washed all the windows. He then waxed it. The little green car was spotless.

“That feels so much better,” thought Grampy’s Little Green Car.

Grampy drove back down the street. He passed Margaret’s house and saw she was tending her garden. Grampy pulled into her driveway.

“Would you like to go for a drive?” asked Grampy.

“I would love to,” said Margaret.

Grampy drove by Susan’s house and she was outside watering her lawn. She wanted to go for a drive too.

Grampy and his little green car were both in their glory. They were driving around town with their windows rolled down with two beautiful women riding along with them.

“That was a great way to spend a beautiful summer day,” said Grampy, pulling into the garage. “We will have to do that more often.”

Grampy’s Little Green Car agreed. It was good to go for a drive but more importantly, it was good to see Grampy back to his old self.


Moral of this Story:

  • Cancer can be beat.
  • Example: Grampy was battling cancer and didn’t have time to take his little green car for a drive. However, one day, he was feeling better so, he went for a drive to the car wash.

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