Jackie Jester and a Foolish Prank

“I see Mother is planning on making an ice-cream desserts” said Jackie Jester, while watching his mother looking at recipes on her laptop. “It is April Fool’s  Day. I have a good idea for an April Fool’s Day prank.” 
When Mother wasn’t looking, Jackie switched the ice-cream that was in the freezer with left-over mashed potatoes. He chuckled a few hours later when he saw her making the dessert. What Jackie didn’t know was that Mother knew that he had switched the ice-cream with the mashed potatoes so, she switched them back. 
That afternoon, Jackie saw Grandma at the door. 
“Why is Grandma here?” asked Jackie. 
“I invited her to dinner,” said Mother. 
“Oh,” said Jackie. 
Jackie finished his dinner in silence. He was feeling bad about switching the ice- cream. 
“Who wants dessert?” asked Mother. 
“I will have some,” said Grandma. 
“Are you sure you want dessert?” asked Jackie. 

“Jackie,” said Grandma. “Of course I want dessert. What is going on with you? You were very quiet at dinner.”

“I have something to confess,” said Jackie, as Mother brought the dessert out into the dining room. “I feel pretty foolish but I switched the ice-cream with mashed potatoes. I was playing an April Fool’s prank on Mother. I wouldn’t have done it if I knew Grandma was coming for dinner. I am sorry.”

“It is okay,” said Mother. “When I started scooping the ice-cream, I noticed it wasn’t ice-cream. I switched it back.”

“So,” said Jackie. “The dessert has ice-cream in it and not mashed potatoes?”

“Yes, “said Mother.

“Can I please have some?” asked Jackie.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be careful with the pranks you play on April Fool’s Day.
  • Example: Jackie Jester put mashed potatoes in the ice cream container to play a prank on Mother on April Fool’s Day.
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