The Hero Song

It was a blustery cold Remembrance Day in Lanigan, Saskatchewan. Veteran Phil didn’t want to be alone with his thoughts and nightmares. Instead, he wanted to take his wife, Mary, out for breakfast. Veteran Phil was 95 and his wife, Mary, just turned 90.

“Dress warm dear,” said Veteran Phil. “It is blustery out there today.”

Mary put on her heaviest winter coat. Veteran Phil held her hand, making sure she was safely in the car. He was very protective of Mary. He treated her like gold. He wanted to make sure that  nothing ever happened to her. Mary meant the world to him.

Veteran Phil and Mary were eating their breakfast at the little restaurant in Lanigan when Veteran Phil recognized the young man sitting at the table beside them.

“Isn’t that young man the singer we saw on the news last night?” said Veteran Phil.

“Yes,” said Veteran Phil. “That is his name.”

“What on earth is such a famous person doing way out in the middle of nowhere,” said Mary.

“Maybe he is on his way to Toronto,” said Veteran Phil. “I think they did say he is playing there at the end of the week.”

Veteran Phil stood up and went over to Billy’s table and introduced himself.

“I am Veteran Phil,” said Veteran Phil. “And I believe you are Billy Troll. We have a rule here in Lanigan. Nobody eats alone. Please join us.”

“I would love to,” said Billy.

Billy took his plate and sat with Veteran Phil and Mary.

“I know you,” said Billy. “You are that veteran everyone calls a hero. It is my honour to meet you.”

“I’m no hero,” said Veteran Phil. “The days of war I would like to forget.”

“You saved so many lives,” said Billy. “That classifies you as a hero in my books.”

“I really don’t want to talk about the war,” said Veteran Phil.

“How about I sing you a song?” asked Billy, reaching over to the table he was sitting at and grabbed his guitar.

“We would love that,” said Mary.

Billy started picking very lightly on his guitar and these words just came to him.

“The hero saw action,” sang Billy. “The hero at war. The hero is silent. He will talk no more.”

“Oh Billy!” cried Mary. “That was beautiful.”

“Thank you,” said Billy. “That is my tribute to you, Veteran Phil.”

Veteran Phil was deeply touched by Billy’s song.

“I’m doing a concert tonight in Saskatoon,” said Billy. “Since it is Remembrance Day, I would love for you to come.”

“I don’t know,” said Veteran Phil, humbly.

“I’ll tell you what,” said Mary. “You sing that song tonight and we will be there.”

“It’s a deal,” said Billy.

Billy sang his new song about Veteran Phil and the crowd all took off their hats, placed their hands over their hearts and stood silently, listening to Billy sing.

It was a very touching tribute for Veteran Phil. He was deeply moved by  Billy’s voice and the crowd’s reaction.

“Thank you Billy,” said Veteran Phil after the concert. “That song was very moving.”

“No,” said Billy. “Thank you, Veteran Phil.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always honour and respect our veterans.
  • Example: Veteran Phil fought in World war II and many consider him a hero. He always tell them that he is no hero.

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