Grampy’s Little Green Car and the Father’s Day Drive

“It is Father’s Day and my children and grandchildren are too busy to come see me,” said Grampy sadly.

Grampy has three children, seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren and one on the way. His three children all had busy lives. They did, however, call him and wish him happy Fathers Day. It just wasn’t enough for Grampy though. He wanted to see them.

Grampy was sad. He paced around the kitchen and then he took a look into his garage. He saw his little green car sitting there, looking back at him. His little green car was sad too.

“I have an idea,” said Grampy, grabbing his car keys off the hook they were hanging on. “If my children can’t come see me, I will go see them.”

Grampy smiled as he sat in the driver’s seat. He loved his little green car.

“Let’s go see the kids,” said Grampy, carefully backing out of the driveway.

Grampy’s Little Green Car was very happy to be out of the garage and driving. He was so happy that he honked his horn and flashed his lights.

Grampy’s children were all very happy to see him. They were glad that he decided to come see them. They all apologized to him for not going to see him.

“I understand,” said Grampy. “I know that life gets in the way.”

Grampy had a wonderful Father’s Day. His children threw an extra steak on the barbecue for him. Luckily, Grampy had his guitar with him so, after he ate, he brought it out and started playing it. His grandson went inside and brought his guitar out and joined him. All Grampy’s great-grandchildren started dancing. Grampy’s Little Green car honked his horn to the beat of the music.


Moral of this Story:

  • We can always go visit our children if they can’t come to us.
  • Example: Grampy’s children had busy lives and couldn’t come see him on Father’s Day. He went to see them instead.
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