Forgetful Fred Forgets the Barbecue Sauce for the Father’s Day Barbecue

“How are things coming?” asked Forgetful Fred, coming into the kitchen. “Our parents will be here soon.”

“Yes they will,” said Sarah, glancing up at the clock. “I have the steaks marinating and I am just chopping up the vegetables for the salad. I think they will enjoy this Father’s Day dinner!”

“I agree,” said Forgetful Fred. “It isn’t often we can get them all together at the same time.”

“Very true,” said Sarah. “Your dad’s work schedule must have eased up a bit!”

“Yes it must have,” said Forgetful Fred. “I think he said he hired some more office staff.”

“That is good,” said Sarah. “It will be nice to spend time with him.”

“It will be nice to see your parents too,” said Forgetful Fred.

“Yes,” agreed Sarah. “I am just happy that Daddy is feeling better after his surgery.”

“Me too,” said Forgetful Fred.

Sarah put the salad in the fridge. She happened to notice they were out of barbecue sauce.

“I think I used the last of it last week but forgot to buy more,” said Forgetful Fred when Sarah asked him about it. “I will go get some.”

“Okay,” said Sarah. “But please hurry. They will be here soon.”

Forgetful Fred got to the grocery store as quickly as he could. However, once he walked through the doors, he couldn’t remember what he was supposed to get. He couldn’t call home because he forgot his phone.

“I know it had something to do with dinner,” said Forgetful Fred, wandering around the grocery store, aimlessly.

Forgetful Fred saw that ice-cream was on sale so he bought some. He picked up some salad dressing because he remembered that Sarah was making a salad. He also picked up some fresh dinner rolls and just before he got to the cashier, he saw barbecue sauce on sale. He put two bottles of it in the cart.

“What took you so long?” asked Sarah. “And why did you buy all this stuff? All I wanted was barbecue sauce.”

“Oh I am glad the barbecue sauce was on sale,” thought Forgetful Fred to himself. “Otherwise I would have forgotten it.”

“Are you okay?” asked Sarah, seeing that Forgetful Fred seemed to be staring into outer space.

“Yes,” said Forgetful Fred. “I am fine.”

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Sarah’s parents had arrived. A few minutes later, Forgetful Fred’s parents arrived as well.

“Happy Father’s Day!” shouted Forgetful Fred, grateful that he didn’t have to tell Sarah that he had actually forgotten that he was supposed to buy barbecue sauce.

Forgetful Fred, Sarah and their parents had the best Father’s Day barbecue ever.


Moral of this Story:

  • People do forget things sometimes.
  • Example: Forgetful Fred forgot what he went to the grocery store for.

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