Hurry Up Spring

Arrow woke up from having his long nap and looked out the window. He let out the biggest meow ever.

“What is wrong?” asked Mommy, with a worried look on her face.

Mommy got out of bed to see what was wrong with Arrow.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mommy. “I can’t believe you are meowing because it is snowing. Go back to sleep.”

Arrow went back to bed but he couldn’t sleep so he curled up at the foot of Mommy’s bed. Eventually, he went to sleep.

While he was sleeping, Arrow had a dream that there was a foot of snow on the ground and that each day that went by, all it did was snow.

“Hurry up spring,” Arrow said over and over in his dream.

Arrow was so upset in his dream about all the snow that kept falling that he kept twitching his paws. His twitching woke Mommy up.

“Arrow,” said Mommy, getting out of bed and looking out the window. “Look, it stopped snowing and the sun is shining.”

Arrow jumped up onto the window ledge and he was so happy. Spring was finally here.

“I love spring!” exclaimed Arrow.

Arrow went over to the top of Mommy’s dresser and pushed his harness and leash onto the floor.

“Okay,” said Mommy, seeing what he had done. “Let me get dressed and we will go outside and play.”

Arrow couldn’t stay outside for very long because it was pretty mucky out with the snow melting. He was very happy though that he did get some fresh air.

“It looks like winter is finally over,” said Mommy picking Arrow up in her arms and taking him back inside.

That made Arrow very, very happy because Arrow loved spring very much.


Moral of this Story:

  • Animals love spring.
  • Example: Arrow had a dream about snow and he couldn’t wait until spring came.

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